Rigorous problem-solving program

Develops Skills

Target the Question™ teaches students to:

  • Focus on the question
  • Eliminate extraneous information daily
  • Frequently solve multi-step problems
  • Use problem-solving strategies

Builds Confidence

  • Students discover they have the tools to solve any problem
  • Reluctant readers use the same weekly scenario to solve 1 new question per day
  • Confidence is built through familiarity and solving challenging questions

Easy Implementation

  • Only 10 minutes a day!
  • Complements any curriculum
  • Use as a warm-up, wrap-up, or sponge activity

Up to Date

  • Correlated to both the Common Core and math TEKS for grades K-7
  • Updates are automatic with a digital license

Check out these videos!

Would you like to learn more about Target the Question™? These videos will explain what the product is and how it works. Underneath are a few highlights of each format. Both have the same curriculum, but format-specific features vary so be sure to choose what's right for you and your classroom.


  • Bright, colorful bulletin board format posted on the wall for a whole year
  • Easily accessible all day long for students
  • One purchase will last for the entire implementation of the TEKS and Common Core


  • No setup or download required
  • Numerous tools, conveniently located right inside the program
  • Teacher's choice of either open-ended or multiple-choice format for the day's question
  • Review mode, including the final six weeks of the previous grade
  • Problem-solving strategy solutions for the first six weeks
  • Spanish version available for grades K-5

Target the Question™ is a supplemental problem-solving program that offers students a single passage every week, then challenges them to answer a different question each day about it using a strategy they choose. Not only does this give them practice selecting and using the various strategies, it also teaches them to focus on the question being asked.

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